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Imagine vastly improving public access and access to constituents.

Enhance the workflow & process management of your office.

With Bluestone you can.

Probate Court Resources

A Technology Guide for County Government Probate Court

County Business Systems assembled this ebook to answer the questions Probate Courts face when diving into a technology improvement of case management practices.

Download the Technology Guide for County Government Probate Court Offices eBook

Bluestone is a powerful probate solution of workflow processes

that permits end users to enter key case information once.

  • Create daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly reports by case type or by staff member
  • Prepare state reports, eliminate the need to manually track cases
  • Create receipts linked to cases & a full range of financial reports

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Association Membership

  • COANJ Constitutional Officers Association of NJ
  • NAGS National Association of Government Suppliers
  • AIIM Association of Image & Information Management
  • ARMA Association of Records Managers & Administrators
  • MAACM Mid-Atlantic Association of Court Management
  • CARMA/NJ County Archives & Records Management Association

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    CBSBluestone_150pdfBluestone Simplified Probate Solution

    Are you confronting the many business issues that arise when probating a will or managing adoptions, guardianships, minors’ accounts, and trusts? We provide the architecture to capture, manage and integrate all of your daily processes into one comprehensive and robust solution, customized to your probate system needs.

    Let our software do the work for you

    With Bluestone, case information is keyed into an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). Create & prepare all case-specific forms for presentation to the client for easy review, signature and seal. If you are keying the same case information into multiple systems that do not share information between themselves, the Bluestone solution integrates these sytems and:

    • Increases efficiency
    • Eliminates data entry mistakes
    • Secures confidential information

    Simple & effective case processing

    Bluestone empowers your office with data & software capture tools from which staff can easily search & retrieve documents from one system.

    From this comprehensive and powerful system, your staff can perform various cashiering, financial record keeping and search & retrieval functions in regard to all of your cases. With Bluestone, not only can you manage the information of each case but you can easily search & retrieve the actual completed document and view it without retrieving the physical paper file.

    Solution benefits & features

    • Utilize your office’s forms
    • Master form templates never change even when your staff edits the current form to support case requirements
    • Redaction of sensitive information, e.g. cause of death found on death certificates
    • Multiple tender amounts can be used as payment
    • Escrow accounts
    • Interest posting status by account
    • Maintain full audit trails of all case & financial records
    • Flexible integrated reporting
    • Link cases & sequence revisions


    • Case information
    • Electronic processing of your forms
    • Cashiering and receipting


    • Using CBS-Bluestone Imaging System or most existing imaging system platforms
    • Scanning
    • Websites
    • E-mail messages


    • Will documents
    • Adoptions
    • Guardianships
    • Minor’s intermingled accounts
    • Trusts
    • Interested parties
    • Executors
    • Codicils
    • Caveats
    • Assets
    • Court appearance calendars
    • Superior Court cases
    • Reminder alert messages for court appearances and next step reminders for cases
    • Financial record keeping
    • End-User security rights
    • Flexible searches
    • Extensive reporting sub-system

    Seamless integration with your business processes

    CBS-Bluestone developers worked closely with their customers to deliver a solution built on MS .NET Framework that utilizes a SQL database which will integrate with your offices existing practices. The solution has transformed the way in which probate and business processes are managed while improving the service to your clients during a difficult time.