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Association Membership

  • COANJ Constitutional Officers Association of NJ
  • NAGS National Association of Government Suppliers
  • AIIM Association of Image & Information Management
  • ARMA Association of Records Managers & Administrators
  • MAACM Mid-Atlantic Association of Court Management
  • CARMA/NJ County Archives & Records Management Association

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    Business Process Automation

    Gain a window into processes and make the changes that drive business results

    Our business process automation solutions can quickly identify bottlenecks and allow you to quickly respond, keeping up with the speed of rapidly changing business conditions.


    Business Process Management for SharePoint

    Our key performance indicators bring all business processes into an easy to use centralized management console. Decision makers gain the ability to effectively analyze and optimize their business processes. Our solution combines business process management with SharePoint, creating powerful tools to:

    • Customize process documentation templates
    • Gain a live view of any process within your organization, drilling down to the process owner and individual tasks
    • Control versions, track and audit all process changes
    • Identify real time process bottlenecks and any possible SLA violations
    • Improve resource allocation
    • Detail productivity and analyze trends
    • Provide 3-D graphical representation of performance reviews